Advanced level tumbling for cheer athletes. Elementary, Middle School, High School, College and Allstar.
Skills focus on BWO, BHS, BT and Running Tumbling.   Limited Availability.
Recreational Tumbling
Introducing our new “entry level” classes designed for beginners into cheer and gymnastics.  Ages 7 and up.
Private Lessons
Highest Level of training are Private Lessons.  Sessions are daily or weekly.  This is for those that want more attention than what’s available in our standard classes.
Entry level gymnastics tumbling for boys and girls ages 3 to 6. Includes trampoline safety training and safe skills.
An entry level class for girls ages 3 to 6.  They will learn REAL cheers with motions, tumbling, jumps and even low level stunting.  Kids use pom poms to add to the fun
Open Gym
Every Sunday 3 to 5pm.  Only $10.  For fun or training time.  Also used for missed classes.


Adult Fitness Classes at The Clinic!!!!

Fitness exercise classes for adults and high school students!

Certified instructor, Jana Smith leads these exciting

new fitness classes on Tuesday’s and Wednesday’s from 4:30 to 5:30.

Her first class will begin January 14 and continue through the end of

February.  In March the classes will be offered on other day and times

and will include kick boxing exercise classes.  Call the gym office for

more information at 616-647-9890.


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