An entry level class for girls ages 2 to 5.  They will learn REAL cheers with motions, tumbling, jumps and even low level stunting.  Kids use pom poms to add to the fun
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A special dance class for boys and girls with Mom or Dad to learn choreographed dances together that they can do at parties, at home or at wedding receptions.Ages 2 to 10
Entry level gymnastics tumbling for boys and girls ages 2 to 5. Includes trampoline safety training and safe skills.
Cheer Tumbling Class
Cheer Tumbling
Beginner through advanced cheer tumbling for ages 6 through 18.  A focus on Round 2 skills (BWO, BHS and BT) plus running tumbling.
Private Lessons
Private Lessons

Highest level of training are Private Lessons.  Sessions are daily or weekly.  These are for those that are trying to achieve high level tumbling skills like Fulls, Arabians, Alternates, etc.

 Open Gym
             Open Gym
Every Sunday 3 to 5pm.  Only $10.  For fun or training time.  Also used for missed classes.

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Indoor Toddler Playhouse

Play Time offers lots of discovery and indoor fun for toddlers.  A great resource to parents, grandparents and even childcare centers.  Open morning, afternoon and evenings.  Monday through Saturday from 9am to 8:30pm.

Only $5 per child   (Adults are FREE)

Ask about our parents DATE NIGHT every Friday and Saturday night from 5:00 to 9:00pm   Only $4 per hour, per child.  Includes snacks, drink, games and a movie.    RSVP Required


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